About Me


I am Ahmed Taha Musa and was born in misik, a small village in Alsalam district in western Sudan. As most villagers in the area, we were taken to a boarding school for primary education in Bulbul AbuJazu in the mid nineteen seventies. We lived in very bad conditions as small children but the experience was remarkable. A lot of children escaped from school. Years passed quickly and finally we completed the sixth year. A lorry stopped and we had to climb on top to travel to Nyala, the nearest town where final primary school exit examination took place. Luckily, I managed to pass and was taken to Nyala AlAmirya intermediate school. Conditions got a lot more better and we were adolescents then. The beauty of area by the side of wad birly valley made our three years stay in AlAmirya school very fantastic. My father passed away in 1981 after few months of my arrival in Nyala. We sat for the intermediate school certificate in 1984 and I went back to Misik. Staying with some elders from the clan, one of my uncles told me that he had heard my name over the local radio the day before. I was accepted in Nyala High School. The mid eighties was a hard time for the villagers as the Sub-Saharan Africa witnessed the worst drought and famine in years. My mother, brothers, and sisters had to leave to another far viallage, Timbisco. Somehow I completed high school with some travel experiences to the centre of Sudan during school vacations. I sat for the high school certificate in 1987 and got accepted in the faculty of Arts, University of Khartoum. 

My achievement and luck led me to specialize in English and I started to work as a teacher even before my graduation in 1993. Now I am a University professor.

Life is a good experience we have to live with our ambitions a head of us.


Some beautiful pics of my village.